About Tom

Harco Design Studio specializes in crafts style projects. Tom’s studio is located in the mountains of Colorado. Custom pieces are hand-designed and created using top quality materials.  If you are looking for a true one-of-a-kind custom piece, contact us.  Tom is exploring his passion for crafts type design projects.  He creates custom designs in glass and other materials based on a collaboration with his customers.

Tom’s journey to designer and artist in the creation of one of a kind custom pieces of art has been influenced by a variety of his experiences.  As a young adult he was on mountain tops as a downhill ski racer, only to shortly find himself at the bottom of the ocean in a nuclear submarine and a 6 year service, compliments of the US Navy. The next step was University of Colorado and a degree in Electrical Engineering. He professionally worked as an engineer for many years.  Now, living in the mountains  he is inspired by the beauty of his surroundings which are incorporated in his artistic expressions.